The man who invented modern graffiti.
In eighties New York there were more pieces by Seen than billboards. Where others tagged on the subway, Seen and his crew – United Artists – painted whole cars. His work travelled the length and breadth of the city, carrying hundreds of thousands of people and becoming part of it’s cultural fabric . After featuring in the documentary ‘Style Wars’ it also circumnavigated the globe, inspiring countless others. His influence on graffiti is without precedent.
The significance of Seen’s work goes beyond the subways. In 1981 he exhibited alongside Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and Basquiat in “New York/New Wave” at P.S.1. A genre that began as a form of subversive public communication was becoming legitimate, and Seen was at the forefront.
Years later, Seen’s pieces hang in galleries in Europe and the US and corporations commission his work.