Roamcouch is a Japanese Stencil Artist, and an Urban, Contemporary Master in his own right. He brings new meaning to Stencilism, and produces meticulously detailed and rich stencil paintings on canvas and very clean-cut screen prints on paper too.

He works like a Modern Master, in the sense that he can take up to a year to create one piece of his work, creating an unfathomable and highly professional level of intricacy, with certain images requiring fifty different layers of stencil, which are all hand-drawn and hand-cut. His works involve such detail yet manage to portray a feeling of romanticism and fluidity, through the use of his selected subject matter.

Roamchouch has shown his work in many countries worldwide such as Norway, Japan or United States. In addition to this he has had the chance to work along with other artists like Martin Whatson.

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