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Nuno Viegas, also known as Metis, is a Portuguese artist born in Faro (1985) and raised in Quarteira. Founder of the art collective Policromia Crew, he started his artistic journey with graffiti in 1999. After completing his studies in Visual Arts at the University of Algarve he moved to Rotterdam in the Netherlands (2014) where he discovered a new artistic identity and began to develop his painting strongly influenced by graffiti.

Nuno is not your average graffiti artist. Considering his young age, few can bridge the gap between graffiti culture and fine art while staying true to both as well as he does. Although aware of the visual aggressiveness in the graffiti game which started his artistic path, Viegas was searching for moments of peace, harmony and nothingness that was missing from the machine we call society. It was with that his merge between paper planes, graffiti and canvas artwork came to its own.