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LOUIS MASAI MICHEL grew up with Afrocentric artefacts, voodoo dolls and living what many other children read about in storybooks. His father was born in a mud hut in Cameroon, in northwest Africa, and was the only white child in the village.

Louis’ grandfather, a Dutch geologist, travelled across the world with his work and his family followed him. This meant, for Louis’ father, being raised in the African and American continents. This heritage has forged within Louis a strong connection to Africa and its many animals.

Louis first started street art when he lived in Cornwall. Then, when travelling through South America he saw what he described as “incredible stuff”, “mind blowing” street art and he was encouraged to try his hand at it.

“At the end of the day, I paint for people to see it. That’s why I go and paint on the street. I want people to see it.”

Louis exploration of fabric patterns with animals is what drew us in. “I like to give the animals a human attribute; at the moment this human attribute is fabric patterns”.