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Dutch artist FAKE from Amsterdam has been doing graffiti and street art half his life.

FAKE felt the urge to bring a smile on other people’s faces through irony and humor. After discovering the power of stencils, he was hooked.

FAKE’s work is some of the cleanest stuff around. His clean, crisp work, full of color, has been in shows all over the world; from Holland, Norway, Denmark and the UK until the US and even countries such as Iran.

Apart from being a perfectionist, FAKE’s signature style is that of storytelling. Stencils give him the power to use any image on any desired background and give it a humorous or ironic twist.

FAKE has been working on the streets for many years and started to put his art on canvas, paper, wood and glass about three years ago. However, this is not holding him back to hit the streets with his art on a regular basis, making him even Amsterdam’s most known stencil artist, both on the streets and on canvas.